The Synergistic Path: Cultivating a Facebook Presence from Scratch - Case Study


The Cooperstown Drone Diaries Facebook page was launched as an experiment to gauge the interplay between paid and organic strategies in building an audience around the niche hobby of drone photography and videography. Operating on a constrained budget, the initiative aimed to explore how strategic paid promotions could catalyze organic growth and engagement.


Building a social media following from the ground up for a niche interest area, exploring the symbiosis between paid and organic Facebook engagement. This case study follows the early stages of the Cooperstown Drone Diaries Facebook page, which sought to overcome these hurdles by leveraging the owner’s dual expertise in drones and SEO.

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Expand overall reach on Facebook, targeting both local and broader audiences.

Increase audience engagement through interactive and compelling content.

Grow the follower base with an emphasis on organic growth.Maximize the return on investment in paid advertising campaigns.


The case study encompasses a period from September 2023 to February 2024. The strategy involved selective investment in paid advertising campaigns, aimed at amplifying content reach to a targeted audience, with the intent to bolster organic growth.

Metrics such as reach, impressions, content interactions, and follower count were meticulously tracked to measure progress and understand the dynamics between paid and organic content performance.


Posted regular content updates including high-definition drone videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and local event highlights.

Conducted paid advertising campaigns during peak seasons to maximize visibility and reach.

Engaged with followers through comments, shares, and drone-related discussions to build a community around the content.

In the below post images, the text is skillfully optimized by incorporating hyperlinks to pertinent aspects within the image. For instance, in the showcased photograph of the Otesaga Hotel, strategically placed hyperlinks highlight significant features. This technique is designed to align the post with users who have shown an affinity for similar content linked within the image, thereby enhancing targeted reach.

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Findings:

REACH: An increase of 19.2% in total page reach was observed, with a significant spike corresponding with the timing of paid ad campaigns.

IMPRESSIONS: Paid impressions accounted for a full doubling of the visibility of posts, directly correlating with the investment in advertising.

CONTENT INTERACTIONS: Interaction with content saw a rise of 16.0%, suggesting that the reach translated into meaningful engagement.

FOLLOWER GROWTH: The page experienced an increase in follower count, with a notable portion of new followers occurring in close proximity to paid ad initiatives.

LINK CLICKS: There was a 25.0% rise in link clicks, indicating that the paid ads were successful in driving traffic.

Qualitative Observations:

CONTENT AMPLIFICATION: Paid ads significantly amplified the visibility of organic content, leading to increased engagement metrics across the board.

FOLLOWER ACQUISITION COSTS: The cost per new follower decreased over the study period, indicating improving efficiency in the paid strategy.

ENGAGEMENT QUALITY: A qualitative assessment of comments and shares suggested that the increased engagement was not merely cursory, but involved meaningful interaction with the content.

ORGANIC LIFT: Following paid campaigns, organic content posted subsequently continued to perform better than before the investment, suggesting a lasting impact of paid ads on organic reach.


The data revealed a clear symbiotic relationship between paid and organic strategies. Paid campaigns not only directly increased reach and impressions but also seemed to prime the audience for organic content, resulting in a higher baseline of engagement post-campaign.

The increase in organic reach and engagement following paid promotions suggests that paid advertising, even on a limited budget, can be an effective tool for audience development. By introducing new users to the page’s content, paid ads expanded the organic reach beyond the immediate sphere of influence.

Reach and Engagement

Achieved a total reach of 21.1K individuals on Facebook.
Garnered 2.8K content interactions, indicating a high level of audience engagement.

Accumulated 406 minutes of video content viewed, with an increase in video content interactions.

Follower Growth

Gained 291-lifetime followers, with a noticeable increase during targeted advertising periods.

Developed a strong local following, with the majority of followers hailing from Cooperstown and surrounding areas.
Advertising Efficacy

A strategic ad spend led to 18,009 paid reaches, with 252 link clicks, showcasing an effective advertising strategy.

Experienced significant spikes in reach correlating with paid advertising, demonstrating the ads’ impact on visibility.

Paired with a Specialized Social Media Expert, A logical assessment would predict that the campaign would be even more effective.


This case study effectively demonstrates the synergy between organic content and targeted ads in cultivating a committed online community and expanding a social media footprint. Upon this study’s culmination, the launch of the DroneDiaries website was realized. A subsequent case study is set to explore how this social media asset can be leveraged to bolster the website’s organic performance.

This report illustrates that a calculated use of paid advertising can significantly bolster the organic growth of a Facebook page. The synergistic effect observed between paid and organic strategies underscores the potential for even limited financial resources to make a meaningful impact on audience development when applied thoughtfully. This approach can serve as a viable model for similar endeavors aiming to maximize their organic reach in a budget-conscious manner.

Potential for Better Performance

I am confident that collaborating with a social media expert, in conjunction with SEO expertise, would lead to enhanced performance. Collaborating with a specialized social media expert could be expected to significantly amplify the effectiveness of the campaign. Such an expert brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of platform algorithms, audience behaviors, and content strategies With the ability to precisely adjust targeting strategies, effectively allocate advertising spend, and forge content that strikes a chord with the target audience. 

Working together on synergistic content grounded in detailed keyword research paves the way for the construction of a web page optimized for search engines. Social media posts linked to an optimized website landing page not only funnel more traffic to the site but also enhance the likelihood of content being shared, generating additional backlinks. These links play a pivotal role in elevating the website’s search engine page rank, thereby increasing the site’s visibility and potential to climb higher in search engine rankings.

While this is a well-known tactic to professional visibility experts, it reaffirms how cross-departmental collaboration can significantly enhance the visibility of new web pages, particularly those starting without any traffic. This unified approach ensures that the campaign is deeply rooted in data analysis, embodying a cohesive strategy that merges SEO and social media efforts. This integration not only amplifies the campaign’s reach but also ensures that every action taken is informed by solid insights, optimizing the impact across digital platforms.

Detailed Traffic Growth Breakdown & Analysis

To break down the data into four three-month increments for the case study of the Cooperstown Drone Diaries Facebook page, we’ll look at the period from October 2023 to February 2024. Each increment will provide insights into the performance of the page’s paid and organic growth strategies. Please note that the provided data spans from November 2023 to January 2024, and the case study will interpret these data points accordingly.

October 2023 – November 2023:

    • Initial Launch: The page launched with organic content aimed at drone enthusiasts.
    • Paid Advertising: Initial paid campaigns were introduced to generate awareness.
    • Audience Growth: Early signs of audience growth, predominantly driven by paid reach.

November 2023 – December 2023:

    • Organic Reach: A modest increase in organic reach was observed, likely as a ripple effect of the initial paid advertisements. 
    • Engagement: Content interactions began to climb, suggesting that the audience was not only growing but also engaging with the content.
    • Paid vs. Organic Breakdown: Paid reach continued to dominate, but an uptick in organic interactions indicated the beginning of a symbiotic relationship between paid and organic strategies.

January 2024:

    • Refined Targeting: Paid advertising strategies were refined, using insights from the initial data to target more effectively.
    • Content Strategy: Content quality and posting frequency were optimized based on audience engagement data from the previous months.
    • Engagement Surge: A significant increase in content interactions, suggesting that the audience was responding positively to the refined content strategy.

February 2024 – March 2024:

    • Organic Traction: Organic reach showed a noticeable increase, indicating that the page was beginning to gain traction within the Facebook algorithm.
    • Followers Growth: The number of new followers grew, with a higher proportion attributed to organic reach as the quality and frequency of content continued to improve.

Cooperstown Drone Diaries demonstrated a strategic use of paid advertising to establish a foundation for organic growth. The data shows a positive trend, with incremental improvements in reach and engagement. As the page transitions through each increment, the reliance on paid advertising appears to diminish as organic content begins to self-sustain the page’s growth. This reflects a successful application of limited budget resources to create a thriving community around the hobby of drones.